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      Frit glaze product solutions

      2019-07-10 16:47:23 admin 1068
      Frit product solutions
      (1) The product include the titanium frits, opaque frits, transparent frits, inkjet frits, polished glaze frits and bigger COE frits.
      (2) The product is stable and the range of firing is wide, the frits can meet the different body COE from 180~270 range.
      (3) All the batch of products have passed the quality control of Botest Inspection Institutions.
      Name of product coding Firing temperature(℃) Product description
      Impervious titanium frit FE-06 1080-1130 Large expansion titanium frit
      FE-01 1080-1130 High aluminum titanium frit
      FE-03 1080-1130 High-silicon titanium frit
      FE-09 1080-1130 Super large expansion high titanium frit
      Transparent frit FT-102 1080-1130 Ultra-flat transparent frit
      FT-105 1080-1130 Hair color transparent frit
      FT-107 1080-1130 Mirror small expansion transparent
      FT-103 1080-1160 Transparent high temperature frit
      FT-109 1080-1180 Transparent high temperature frit
      Inkjet frit FP-556 1080-1130 Hair color inkjet frit
      FP-558 1080-1130 Ultra-flat inkjet frit
      Zirconium white frit FO-688 1080-1130 Ultra-flat zirconium white frit
      FO-681 1080-1130 High temperature zirconium white frit

      Remarks: The above list only lists some of the products. The actual products are subject to the actual provision of the company.
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